How Studiolit can help.

Studiolit will partner with Phoenix Sensors to develop a web presence that promotes leads and lead conversions. Strategy combined with compelling imagery and clear calls to action will create the basis for the new website design. By placing you as the expert to your clients’ needs and providing valuable information, Studiolit will help to separate Phoenix Sensors from its competitors. Below, we've outlined 3 options that can help achieve success for Phoenix Sensors.

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Leading the way.


Estimated timeline of 2–4 weeks

We will fill the design gap and provide expertise in digital website strategy, customer experience, and user experience design by crafting a distinguished homepage for the Phoenix Sensors website.

Remote Consulting

  • One (1) 60-minute kick-off strategy meeting to review product positioning and homepage direction utilizing the story brand method. In addition, one (1) 30-minute weekly meeting will be scheduled for design reviews. 


  • Website research and UX/UI audits.

Ideation & Design

  • Conceptual UX/UI designs of home page.
  • A roadmap and ideas for further differentiating the Phoenix Sensors presence in creative ways.

Complete Support.


Estimated timeline of 6–8 weeks

We will completely own the digital website strategy, including all design efforts needed to launch a new site and provide a scalable platform for future marketing efforts.

Leading the way services, plus...

Ideation & Design

  • A complete set of UX/UI designs for website pages to include:

    • Home
    • Product Overview
    • Product Single
    • Services Overview
    • Service Single
    • About
    • Community
    • Careers
    • Applications
    • Contact
    • 404
    • General Interior

Complete Support Plus.


Estimated timeline of 8+ weeks

We will go beyond complete support and ensure results by providing post-launch alterations that confirm customer satisfaction and a clear understanding of your website's message and value propositions.

Complete support, plus...

Analysis (post-launch) and iteration

  • One (1) round of post-launch assessment and any associated adjustments based on feedback.
  • Monthly retainer for any design needs (website, leave-behind content, flyer PDF, pitch-deck, building a social media presence, etc.) not to exceed 3 hours per month.

*A 50% deposit is required to begin services

**The starting date for this contract can begin as early as four (4) weeks from the date that the contract is signed.

Thank you.

Prepared by Studiolit for Phoenix Sensors.

Contact Stephanie at 602-689-61958 or with any questions.