Live Well Arizona


The Live Well Arizona partners are on a mission to connect, lift up and celebrate the great statewide work taking place to develop healthier, more livable communities in Arizona. Their former site lacked hierarchy and logical navigation, which hindered engagement from visitors to the site and the ability to seek the resources Live Well Arizona Provided.

Live Well asked Factor1 to redesign their site, indicating that a clear roadmap for visitors was of utmost importance, as well as a way for their ever-growing content to be managed on the backend and still display throughout the site in a neat and organized layout that allowed for easy review of content by viewers.

My Role:

The new website is easy to navigate from any device and includes robust pages that are clear to understand and locate pertinent resources. As the lead designer for this project, I began the process of the new site design by first creating a sitemap that would guide users through the top-level overview of who Live Well Arizona is and how they aim to help. Next, I began wireframing and creating detailed page mock-ups that organized Live Well’s content into easy to manage sections that would allow for new resources to be added without becoming overwhelming to the viewer. Once the design process was complete and approved, I prepared the style guide, developer notes, and template tables to be handed off to the development team.


Launch Site

Studio/Agency: Factor1 Studios